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Hey do you still lick fingers


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what is your favorite pastime

playing guitar, I do it all the time

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what is your favourite dish and how's russian cuisine?

Prolly pizza or something generic like that. We have red soup and meat wrapped in dough in Russia, they're alright

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why are u playing such a weird persona on the forums


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vodka and coke?

maybe :

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Which toribash players have you had the most fun competing against?

Competing with anybody good is generally fun, but in different ways. It can be fun because it's a challenge and it's very hard to win, or it can be fun because you get awesome games. I think, anybody who managed to beat me was fun to compete with at some point.
I remember snook/cdsonic01 being very fun to play against, also Shmevin(but angering sometimes), because I've had the most close duels with him.
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Top 10 ABD players

I need to think about it, but do you mean of all time or nowadays?

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Why july?

Long story short: because it's awesome.

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cats or dogs
yes i prefer dogs too
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i'd like to apologize for taking literally all your money in boxshu duels

it wasn't personal im just a wrecking ball that is completely and totally unsurpassable by all who dare attempt

i aint even remember if we ever dueled, it had to happen at some point right? my memory is dog shit

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إد هو العاهرة
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cats or dogs
yes i prefer dogs too

forgive meow, but cats :

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From where you meet Toribash ?

just accidentally found it on the internet one day

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dom or sub?

maybe sub :b