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(Tai) Taira
(Tai) Taira is a sparring (and occasionally parkour) clan, founded with the intent of gathering together newer sparrers, and helping them all learn sparring together, with the hope of the clan and its members to become more well known in the sparring community.
Other than sparring, we will war in ABD, boxing or Lenshu but this is not the main focus at all.

The original Taira Clan was a Samurai clan founded around 825 in japan. The Clan later became prominent in forming the first ever samurai dominated government.
As a result of this link, we always try to follow noble ways, and moreover Bushido. AS result, if you are what most people would say a dishonorable fighter, or a coward, you will not be accepted under any circumstances. We expect with no exception our sparrers to always see a fight through, and to never give up no matter how badly a fight may be going (unless this means ignoring an agreed spar ending).

Feel free to apply to us if you like in this thread:

Also, feel free join us at our discord and get to know us

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