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[Evil] Hall of Fame
[] Ishi: Not only is he a famous toribash administrator, but he was the founder of [Evil]. He is evil.

[] bRuCiA Was originally a part of Evil, but left and started Jolly Rogers.

[] Faint former leader and old administrator.

[] metalmario Old perpetually active former member, kept Evil alive in-game almost single-handedly

[] Hyde One of the longest members still in the clan. He also never leaves the IRC. Leader of evil around 2011(?)

[] Taek He was the leader of Evil after Nukem and he's a toribash legend.

[] Tinerr Former Evil member, later formed [Latin]. Later became an Administrator.

[] Imubai creator of the famous evil wibbles thread. Leader after tertywerty. (?)

[] Apex Leader of Evil from 2013-2017. Spinbag master!

[] Goat Leader of Evil From 2015-2019. Contributed in a lot of Evil's policies. Went on to join MAD. lol

[] Crooked Old co-leader of Evil.

[] Spartan094 He was a leader along side apex and crooked. Also a major drunk.

[] Nukem Leader of evil after Ishi.

[] Ryder24 One of the present day leaders of evil. Clan Anchor. Might still catch him in-game to this day.

[] Hades We can't forget about the butt of clan.

[] Polybius One of the present day leaders of Evil and an event artist.

[] Oaky The evil führer of evil and leader after Goat.

[] Tertywerty Leader after Taek. 100% Bro. Now leader again after all these years!

[] madgecko11 Leader of Evil in 2008!

[] Pookie Leader of evil after Madgecko11

If you feel someone should be added, PM Goat! (or any current/active lmod)
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