Such a Inactive board O_0

I will be really inactive this day after Xmas and forward to the middle of Januari.
Im going to my dad, 6hrs with train.
So yea, it will take a time...
I Hate My Life - Hours
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My computer will be going away for repairs, i'll be on in a week D:

Okay ;)
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Good news people! The computer only took 2 days to repair so now i'm back and hoping i haven't lost any of my basic skills.
Im going to be inactive for some time
Internet is failing
I'll be in Livigno this weekend, skiing with my dad. I'll be back by monday. See you guys, I trust you can handle yourselves.
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yes i can handle myself alone
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Back. Came back monday-evening, found out I left my laptop at my parents, so I picked it up today
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