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New Rules

Thou shalt not:

-Spam, in game, on forum, in your dreams, anywhere! Strictly forbidden, always remember this. This will be highly enforced!
the goal of the forum reset is to get rid of shit threads!
IRC can contain all your 2 word responses

-USE CAPS CUZ' UR 'ARD! Caps make you look like a duché, sorry, but it's true. Forbidden!

-Troll. Do not. No. Never. Do it and die in a pit. Non. No. To no-one, no matter what the circumstances. Even IRL. Yes I'm watching you.

-Anger the powers that be. I guess this comes under trolling, but you will NOT make admins ticked off with you, ok?

-Steal. That means taking anything made by anyone else within Toribash without their consent. Could get you banned rather sharpish.
Fuck you, your out

-Post less than trice a day, activity is needed in any clan.

-Double Clan, ever! Unless you're someone helping out with BLEU of course, this irritates me to no end as it shows you have zilch loyalty to TLL. Gtfo if you wish to do this.
fuck you your out (exceptions can be made)

-Pretend to be me, or someone with power in TLL. Asshole. (Please note: This rules DOES apply to the IRC, unless the person you are impersonating is already in the room with you).

Thou shalt:

-Do anything else you like!
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Clan Points!
with the goal of keeping the forums a better place we are setting up some new systems.

Clan points will be awarded based on activity, loyalty, and helpfulness.

they will be taken away if you break the rules.

all legionaries and recruits are on this system
Fear, PV2, and me are the only ones not subject to it.

if you are currently a [L] you start with 30 points
all [R]'s start with 10
People applying start at 0

To be allowed to apply for a rank up, or get access to the soon to come private board you must have at least 50 points

That does not mean 50 points is an automatic rank up
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Clan point Rankings
35 - thepureone
31 - gLawlFreak
31 - mjgamer
30 - sidvicious
30 - ExtremeNil
30 - Macrid
10 - Zycosi
10 - bwbpwnedXD
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