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Aight, so on Toribash, the best thing I'm at is art. I'm not really that good, but I'm alright. I'm only good at cartoon head textures but I'm trying to get better at robotic ones also, it's not going right well. The only thing I'm really good at ingame is aikidobd, and I will attach some replays for you, the only reason why it's the only thing I'm great at is because it's pretty much the only one that I enjoy a lot. I mean, I do like other mods but nowhere near as much as aikidobigdojo.
Here's some art: -old WIP I haven't worked on in a while, but I'm getting Monobi to do some stuff on it, so it'll be a collab by the end if he gets to finish it. - Two heads I made not that long ago.

And there's a cartoony head I made, it sort of failed, but meh, you get the idea.

IRC name (if you have one): Just Praeter, same as my username.
Steam username (if you have one): I don't even know what this is, lol.
Skype name (if you have one): I do have one but I don't really use skype, ever. I don't even have it downloaded anymore.

Aight, I'll just upload them all, these aren't in chronological order, I just renamed them all in random order to numbers.

Oh wait no, I have another one aswell, nevermind, it won't let me upload 11. xD
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Tint is sex.
Thanks. So now that I can post again, here's the last one, lol.
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Tint is sex.
b&, so it's a no from me.
parai com activamento de coutinho decunfiado com estraša que brila enquanto rebolade de carro do pinto do nada
Seems like a nice guy. But since I don't know him I'll stay neutral.
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Sorry about being banned guys, the reason being was because I was spamming along with a few or so other BISH members about the 4,000,000th post. Quite a few people got banned as far as I'm aware.
Tint is sex.