thank you, and i dont know how to remove the fraps logo..... any tips?
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[04:34] <siku> i can already tell you 2 are awful since piratez is a terrible clan that cares about post count above everything else
Vman, you should get rid of that fraps watermark. It kinda ruins the video. Other than that, not bad. Could use some extra work but I guess you'll work that over some time.
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parai com activamento de coutinho decunfiado com estraša que brila enquanto rebolade de carro do pinto do nada
quite cool,not much to say also
vman dash!

also mmkay...wasn't actually meant to be an replay at first but meh
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im good at league
Not bad. Pretty messy and that pose could use some work, but it was destructive and powerful. I like that.
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