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Original Post
OSHIt changes are coming
I'd like to begin by apologizing you for letting this org slip into inactivity while i did nothing

Onto the fixing!
as you may have noticed I cleaned up the OSHI forums quite a bit

I have also allotted myself temporary dictator of this forum and will not wait for meamme0 or Ginkey to approve these decisions

speaking of meamme0 who hasn't been active in 6 months I propose stripping the kind sir of his mod powers and giving those powers as lmod of the OSHI board to one of you fine chaps

your thoughts?

Fair Vote count ( so far)




Again do not vote for me I have mod powers already
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Should've asked if we wanted mod powers first to narrow it down maybe :3 But yesh i could help run this o7
Shouldn't have showed people this vote... 6 votes against 0.. )o) Fuck you people )o)oi5ethibgof3p
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i just took everyone who has posted here in the past week or so

those who dont want power won't vote for themselves
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I vote for DD since he's a nice guy and absolutely better than me.
Also Thanks for all of this Wik.
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Guys... You see how many votes i got right? :o There's no way that is from you. We should do the votes by pm..
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I honestly don't think a public poll will work in this instance because we can't see who voted and people who aren't even in oshi could be voting and that would pose as a problem.

we should just vote by posting who each of us wants as a leader, so we'll see who the majority of us want and perhaps a little explanation why.

switching the powers doesn't really do much if no one is posting, so we have to be able to be as active as possible.

Also I would add a few more to that list such as Lumi, wik, and others.
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I like jingles idea and therefore my vote goes to him

Hattersin you appear to have voted for yourself

And april voted for darkdranz

I already have mod power
back from the dead
Yeah i did, then i made the mistake of showing my mates that we're voting.. Someone decides to fuck me over and log onto all their alts.. *CHOUGH* nan.
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Ok then, if we are doing my idea we could have a tally of who voted for who in the first post to keep things a bit organized.

But that is only once the voting has been completed.

For example:

Hattersin: 7

wik: 4

Lumi: 13

or something like that.
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