thank you ^^
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Oh, hi Pwnzafaha, didn't know u had a namechange ! I will add you right to the memberlist, welcome.

yeah wanted a namechange for the longest time.
when i made the account i never thought ill actually play TB for a long time.
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(Nick)name : nerti

Age : 1 day old

Why do you want to join? : Because, I'd like to get some diverse experience from members here, I'd like to learn too.

Why do you like rk-mma.tbm? : Because, rk-mma is a good training mod for those beginners that don't know how to freestyle, trick, or spar.(Me)

An own rating of your skill (1-10) : 7/10 or less.

Modo Bestia
Hey nerti, sorry that I didn't respond that fast I totally forgot about your application. rip

You are welcome here of course, I'm adding you right to the memberlist.
Join RMO
(Nick)name : yy2
Age : 17
Why do you want to join? : i played some matches,looked fun (was fun)
Why do you like rk-mma.tbm? : long games,cool fights
An own rating of your skill (1-10) : 5
Wheeee, hello yy ! (o(

I played with you in the RMO server and for your first time rk you were insanely good ! Also I pretty much asekd you to apply, so welcome to the team !
Hello I made a huge application Yesterday but I broke my leg and I forgot to save it :c

My name is Tuna aka Tuni some people call me Tunar

I would like to join because I enjoy playing rk-mma <Even though i am not so good at it)

I am 15 years of age, 28th April 1999

I dislike to rate myself(I never know what to rate myself) But I would rate myself as a 4-6,

Lost all my replays due to deleting my old game and installing the Steam version.

Some things about myself, I started playing Toribash in August 2012, I played until late 2013 and then my laptop broke rendering me unable to play, I quickly got a old laptop for free and fixed it up, and that is where I found out it had Ubuntu 12.04.4 on it, So I had no idea how to get Toribash to work on Ubuntu as i did ot know how to use Ubuntu, But non-the less I still Remained active on the Forums. in yearly 2014 I got a copy of windows XP(I am still on XP) and currently trying to retain my old skill in the game(Rusty as hell).

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(Nick)name : Ara/Aracoon
Age : 17
Why do you want to join? : Fan of Rk-MMA, I play with the leaders often in Public Rk-MMA.
Why do you like rk-mma.tbm? : It's a fun mod in general, reminds me of Lenshu3.tbm and Ninjistu. The lower gravity makes the mod fun in my opinion, and it requires quite a bit of skill.
An own rating of your skill (1-10) : 7, depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
I can't find any replays at the moment because I always name them something incredibly stupid, but I'll post any if I can dig up.