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General Information

What and why?

Since the mod rk-mma.tbm becomes more and more known, we decided to open up an organisation where players can get in contact to share their tricks and experiences in and about this mod.

The mod was created by the russian player Nirs several years ago. The letters "rk" stand for "Rukeepers", a known russian Toribash organisation at that time. The mod itself is a slightly different version of no-mma.tbm (560 matchframes / 40 turnframes / -20 gravity / 40 frames dqtimeout). It has no grabs, no fractures and other little changes. After an original quote from its creator, the mod was intended to be "a skillful mod where fast and high quality comebacks become the main way to win. The dojo is small and players have enough time for 3-4 comebacks."


Of course ALL forum rules also apply in here. Avoid useless or spammy posts, they will get trashed and (based on the heaviness) reported.
Stay friendly, respectful and follow the rules.


If you want to donate some TC or items to the organisation, you can do that by sending them to RMOBank. Every TC or item will be helpful for upcoming tourneys and events. Thanks in advance!

Official RMO armband (by KingRa7en)

Currently available in 11 color combinations, but feel free to color it yourself:
Download here



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