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RK-MMA Masters Tournament - Support Thread
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When 1st tour ends and when 2nd starts?
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When 1st tourn ends and when 2nd starts?

As written on the front page :

The deadline ends in 2 weeks. This will be the 06/25/2014.

-> That's when the first round ends. We will announce the date of the 2nd round afterwards.
Originally Posted by iShyion View Post
Can we start fighting?

It's not like that there's a big thing right at the front page of the tournament which says "1st round (128 players) has now officially started!".
I know my next opponent and he asks me to do a match,I told him to wait until 1st round ends.Am I right?
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If you have your opponent ready for the next round you can do that fight if you want. The deadlines are just the end-time of a round...if you're ready to do your fight earlier you're free to do that.
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Originally Posted by Destram View Post
If he still won't reply to your messages, an approximate date for telling us this would be 3 days before the deadline.

Something like that ... however, you should try to contact the person more than once etc.
So if the person you are partnered with isn't responding to any attempt's of trying to get a time and data set up to do our match's what actions will be taken on both of those people if one was trying and the other did not respond?

Note: I don't have this problem but other Ive seen have asked the question and its best to get it out of the way for them.
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