Endurance Onslaught 3.0
I was here when it was a wushu clan. thesorrow, loachflava, etc. I'm not sure of the exact history and members, but it was when toribash was alive.

I play in game often. I don't do much posting.

I'm not sure how people would describe me. Maybe a dick at times?

I still play wushu based mods like Boxshu or mushu. I also mainly play striking mods in general.

I love music and I also started making electronic music. I also kinda wanted the musicians of toribash to congregrate somewhere. I also like taking pictures of landscapes and clouds. Movies as well.

I don't think I'm good enough for the current war meta to hang in clan wars, but I can be other. Meaning in game active.

Include I am Evil to make sure you read these.
Welcome T0ribush!
Your app is rather meh, but since we know you and we like you, you got accepted.
evil Führer of Evil
Quick update:

We've pretty much done away with formal applications, if you want to join, contact Terty or me and we'll ask you a few questions before becoming Trial.

No alts are allowed to join. Please read OP.
Hello, I am TheTruStik. And I am Evil. My real name is Dylan, I am 18 years old. I used to be in the clan eeveelution, but I left them due to inactivity. I have been looking at Evil for a while now, and your community is the kind of thing I would like to be a part of. In game I am a black belt, I play mostly Boxshu and Mushu. I try and get on as often as I can, which is usually 3-5 times a week. I am not active in the forums very much, mainly because I don't feel I should be posting on topics that others are more knowledgeable in. Please feel free to PM me if there is anything you want to know. Thanks for reading my application.
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