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[22:53:24] * kabu ([email protected]) has joined #addicted
[22:53:33] <kabu> Wasssssssup boizz?
[22:56:01] <kabu> Oh what I expected :v
[22:59:04] * kabu ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:59:40] <~JtanK> pierdol sie
[22:59:41] <~JtanK> chuju
[22:59:42] <~JtanK> scorp
[22:59:44] <~JtanK> send him a PM
[22:59:48] <~JtanK> and tell him that he must pierdol sie chuju

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qui hic minxerit aut cacaverit, habeat deos superos et inferos iratos
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all hail @ryz after his glorious return from collecting strawberries.

Showed my mother.

//gigglemode engaged
goodbye cruel world