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Clan league 2017
Time to rock. Well, what GMT have you guys got? We need to somehow think out of an average one to post an application, post replies here, I will make this updated. We also need to discuss about each other's best mods, please tell us about of them here, than we can vote on it suggest using Sanctum: Dia or Ticux, pls tell the pass of this, if you are ok with this suggestion. Please, do not say like 'I am all mods masta', we all know, that you are pretty skilled in any of the mods, but we need to choose THE BEST possible ones for you.' We also need to say about the game availability in the league.

Basic data
Ticux - +3gmt - jousting, fan3, airhockey, ninjaplatforms, platformfight2
Diamond - +3gmt - acrojoust only
Adamant - +3gmt, game availability: Sunday, Saturday evenings; best mods: aikidobd, lenshu
Cowmeat - +3gmt, best mods: taekkyon, erthtk
Wounder - -5gmt, best mods: aikidobd, rb-greykido
Lamby - +1gmt, best mods: aikidobd, rb-greykido, lenshu
Alastor - +2gmt, best mods: lenshu, erthtk
Fire - +3gmt, best mods: judofrac, aikidobd, rb-greykido
Blueevil - +2gmt, best mods: erthtk, lenshu, aikidobd, judofrac
*insert your nickname here*

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Well I'm doing 2 erthtk (2taekkyon if special), I think we can all agree on that.
Not doing anything else since most people here are better than me at all the other mods.

GMT +3
Gmt +1 I can play all but best mods would be the kido's and lenshu seeming I am playing it more again.
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Erthtkv2, lenshu3ng, abd, judofrac
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hi guys if you want to shake off the rust with us you're welcome to join us for our pre clan league mini showdown with some small tc prizes - http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=594617

much love from the fl0w guys and good luck this year
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