Alrigh we have the first winner.
Deprived you smart mf. You are getting the best part. freshhhh
The rest in line are only getting the good old nasty shrimp soup.
Should I shave?
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Good day Dr. Freud
how large are you, and are you a killa ; )?
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Cornflakes. Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes.
That message made me feel so special, I now feel truly loved. <3

But at the same time I feel so used. ;(
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That's actually a compliment trip. A bleached asshole is way easier to eat.

Azazel: Very large. But no killa... unless...

Depirved: let's do it baby!
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Good day Dr. Freud