Market Squad Recruitment Drive
count me in
or maybe not
life is hard
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I feel like we'll have to make a good few changes to get back up there.

we need it asap
We gotta admit, we're all getting busier irl.
I'll do what I can to keep this clan around, but the most I can do is, well, being here.
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We gotta admit, we're all getting busier irl.

We could try get some if us in-game depending on time zones etc. Might encourage us a bit.
how about getting official again?
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Jesus work has been riding my ass soooo bad, Nothing but work work work ahah How is everyone
Do you want to join PirateZ?
Just finishing up work for Christmas tonight, I hope you all get to enjoy it too!
Yeah about the same Holidays have been flat out me mateys, Got a wedding on the 20th as well. Going to be quite the bell of the ball I think with my long hair haha might end up snagging me a bridesmaid or 2 :P
Do you want to join PirateZ?