That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
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-good editor
-multiple people capable of making good music
-an entire clan full of creative niggas who joke all the time

but putting those to use is terrible idea doomed to fail

no one wants to do that nigga
ill do it sleepy

whatever you want me to do ill do it, i believe in you
youre an idea guy and im an action man we are a duo
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
yeah everyone here is super critical worse comes to worse you make a goofy ass youtube channel with videos that you look back on and think are goofy in 5 years

dont let your dreams be dreams

lets do a podcast we can talk about why anime is destroying internet culture
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
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sleepy ily man but you're pitching to a bunch of fucking bastards

yeah coming from Mr. Bastard himself
podcast is chill tho
anyway i guess if you do shit and want help hmu but i dont see this going anywhere........
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