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Swaves' competitive modification school
Greetings all,

I've decided to start holding classes aimed at helping new players to Toribash improve their competitive modification knowledge & ingame skill!

I hope to be able to impart my knowledge gathered from over 30,000+ games played over 5+ years in this game, in order to give back to this wonderful game's community after the many hours of enjoyment gained since I started playing.

The modifications I'll be holding introduction classes for are:




In these classes I'll explain the fundamentals of the modifications, such as game rule explanations, advanced early game maneuvers, counter-strategies, a guide to using movememory and much more!

I'm planning to make these introductory classes around an hour long, however the length of the classes can be varied depending on your personal preference without issue.

If you wish to sign up for one of these classes, please contact me on discord at Swaves#7594 - then we can discuss a time & date for your class!

This isn't an event. If you want to teach players then feel free. But I'd advise putting this elsewhere.

You could also go to TBA (Toribash Academy) if you want to get into teaching people.
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