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(Passione) Passione

"Passione is one of the most powerful gangs in Italy despite its reduced numbers, 757 members counting the newly recruited Giorno Giovanna. The gang is based in Naples, but operatives from Rome and Venice are not unheard of." (canon to the series not the clan lol)

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PASSIONE The Great Italian Stand Using Gang of 2001

I decided To make a Replay Clan because I got really bored of not having a clan and what better to make a clan about than the best anime ever (dont @ me) JoJo's!

I decided I should make a clan off the Gang from Vento Auero Because I thought every other idea is dumb and stupid (those are the same things aA) I also wanted to make a dumb and silly clan that you can come to and relax and have fun with other JoJo fans or other people in general


(xene placeholder)


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