Toribash Season 7
using the mod it now works a lot better. It is working on a decap.
check it out!
thnx lilezek for the mod
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I'm testing it out and it only performs the first move,I'm not sure how to do this.
Thanks for an exceptional script!
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im sorry

but which of the 4 lua scripts is the main one?

openerGA only evolves a single move whereas comboGA evolves combinations involving several moves.
loadBest and loadComboBest show the best moves that were evolved. it loads the moves from the file best.txt
wtf i can't figure out how to work this thing please help me someone
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what seems to be the problem? Have you managed to get the script running? If so, does it print anything in the bottom left corner of the screen?
yea it says load move 1 0f 0
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