Toribash Season 7
Great stuff windowlicker! I'm on holidays at the moment so i'll have a look at your code when I get the chance. I have been meaning to update the code for quite a while and I have a version that records statistics for comparing different rates of mutation, crossover operators etc. When I get home i'll add some of my stuff into the github repository. Thanks again for the effort you put in!
Well, I just discovered this, and I am blown away.

Granted this is super old, would anyone happen to know what code should I input if I wanted the fitness to be equal to the distance travelled and the damage dealt?

Toribot_score - Ukebot_score - distance?
If you want it to move as little as possible, yes. If you want it to move as much as possible, it should be "+ distance". Then all that's left to do is to figure out how far it actually travelled and how exactly to define "distance".
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I wrote something, butnevermind this is a verryyyy old thread.
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I am having trouble downloading. Each time I try to download the files, all I am getting is a file called "attactment.php".
Never mind I figured it out.
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Man, I just found about this... it's actually genius. Is there code you can put into ComboGA so that Tori doesn't disqualify? Trying to run it for aikido. Thanks!
I want a variant of openerGA.lua and comboGA.lua that controls Uke's joints, so instead of having to watch my tori abuse the hell out of him, he can now fight back and even abuse the hell out of my tori if the joints I change give a bad result paired with the current joints of him!