SP Cup 2022
Bonne ide Flo . Merci !

So now you have the real names instead of Tori & Uke.
I also fixed a little bug related to the fractures.

Actual version : 2.3
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This is simply awessome I was trying to get a move that I forgot from a replay of mine and finally got it again!! Thanks!!
Originally Posted by Lushsmoke999 View Post
there is a bug where its like
#420 and then
413 is this a bug?

Do you remember which replay you used ?
Can you post it here ?

Thanks !

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I love this scrip great job

Thank you
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well when i try to use replays like others like my replays, seeing how others do there moves

i always see thee numbers go off i look up top and it says turnframes 10 but its going like that 430-427 and stuff
Maybe I didn't understand you but I think you dont know the combination Shift+Space (or Shift + P).

That combination allows you to move forward 1 frame (only on singleplayer).

With a turnframe of 10, you can go from frame 430 to frame 427 by using shift+space 7 times.
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