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Random Moves Generator and Replays Moves Extraction
Hi Toribash Community,

I've seen a good Lua script for Toribash in the following thread :

I was thinking of Pimping it so i wrote the RRMoves.lua Script based on the MoveMemory.lua Script.
RR stand for Random and Replay. You can use this script to get the Moves of a saved Replay or to generate a Random Move while multi player playing.
Before starting getting moves from a replay you have to link the ".../Toribash/replay/" folder to "../Toribash/data/script/rpl" to get access to your replays with the RRMoves.lua script
To generate a random move only just copy RRMoves.lua into your Toribash script folder
The Hot keys are :
"/ls RRMoves.lua"
Press 'm' to navigate to the next random move and 'n' for previous random saved move ...
Make sure you have linked your Toribash replay folder into .../Toribash/data/script/rpl/
"/ec CR [player number] [replay.rpl]"
"/ec Convert_Replay [player number] [replay.rpl]" to convert a Replay from [player number] = 0 or 1. Those two command are actually converting and loading a replay and then you can navigate with 'm' and 'n' and use it in a Fight.... You'll see that if you press 'm' and go ahead the converted and loaded number of moves it will generate new moves.

"/ec SF [file]" Save Moves into a specific file
"/ec LF [file]" Load a given file which have been previously saved else the default file will be used which is RRMoves.txt
And I've kept the function of MoveMemory.lua
"/ec save [My Move]" to save a new move called My Move.
"/ec save1 [My Move]" to save from player 1. "save2" from player 2. Useful for multi player.
"/ec width NUMBER" to change the width of the menu. (eg. /ec width 150)
"/ec set key" to change the menu key.

Info: The Script is a mess inside it but at least it is working... I'll make it better coded if I've got the motivation...

Do not hesitate to give feedback....!!!
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Here is an update ...
Bug corrected :
Function added :
/ec PR [replay.rpl] will load both player moves and will wait for the key 'l' to be pressed to load the next round moves .

Pay attention to the fact that replays are saved in a different mod that you'll be actually running so you'll have to '/set mod [mod.tbm]' of the saved replay and '/reset' to apply changes to be able to replay a replay ^^.

[UPDATE] corrected a bug
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Auh, sorry for this but.
What is this as I don't understand, and how do you link toribash/replays to toribash/data/scripts/rpl?
Sorry, I am kinda newbie to this.
This is a script which load moves from replays and with which you can replay turn per turn a saved replay in a game. You can also generate random moves.
And some other functions like save and load moves with a specific file.

Maybe the next version of this script would be able to use a favorite option menu to be able to add favorites moves into a specific file. or even to combine them into one move which would be load with corresponding turn.

"What is this?" it's an useful/not useful toribash script.... As i wrote in the first post of this thread i've seen a script MoveMemory.lua which was able to save moves... then i thought that could be a good idea to extract moves from replay to be able to use them in multi player ... so here I'm with the RRMoves.lua script and the ability to use replay to replay and replay and one day be bored of replaying replay.............

If you feel newbie search on google some methods.

but i just have right clicked and have created a new shortcut to the folder in Linux but it is named a link under linux while its named a shortcut in windows and it should be enough to do this but then if it is still not working then you can make a symbolic link.

try it and toribash/replays and toribash/data/scripts/rpl are both path to the folder respectively replays and rpl (the link/shortcut) and you'll find them under :>> search for "Toribash in C:/ and start from there."

but else here is the web link to symbolic link a folder under linux or windows!

have a nice linking............
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Maybe someone could do that?

Sincerly DisD.

Reda Benjamin Meyer

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Awesome concept!

Thanks a Lot.
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Awesome concept!

Thanks a lot if someone could continue it?
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I've got a problem.I've installed toribash without steam because i don't use steam.
Every time i try to load a replay with /ec PR replay.rpl I get there is no replay in .local/steam/steamapps and some other stuff.. How can I fix it or you need to fix in the new update?