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[WIP/REL] Tori Assistant v0.3: now with mouseless Tori control
Update: version 0.5 adds "Last Opener" buttons for you and your last opponent, and fixes a layout bug.
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[See bottom of post for installation instructions]


Features in BOLD are new in the latest version.

Joint Control Features
  • Buttons for all your joints, always in the same place. Depending on which quadrant of the button you click, you get Extend (E), Contract (C), Hold (X) or Relax (O).
  • Shoulders are labeled (R)aise and (L)ower, chest and lumbar (R)ight and (L)eft, neck and abs (F)orward and (B)ack.
  • Hold down the mouse button and drag across several joints to extend (raise) or contract (lower) them all at once. For instance, you can extend the glute, hip, knee, and ankle on one side with a single swipe. It's super effective!
  • Copy, Paste, and Mirror buttons do what they sound like.
  • You can drag the little [+] button at the bottom to reposition the GUI where you want it.
  • When time is running out, a visible bar near the GUI appears to alert you.
  • Move commit system: when you have a decent move set up, press Q to commit it. Then you can play around with your joints and try to find something better. If time runs out while you're doing that, your original move is automatically restored. If you do find something better, press Q to commit that one instead. You can also press shift+Q to go back to your last committed move.
  • Hovering over a joint in the GUI will highlight the corresponding joint on your Tori for easy identification.
  • Fractures and dismembers are now indicated on the GUI.
  • SpaceGuard: the spacebar is disabled for one second at the beginning of a match. It should prevent accidentally spacing the first move.
  • Mouseless Tori Control: You can now control all your joints with the keyboard! I've used the excellent layout suggested by snake that was implemented by Daanado in his mouseless Tori control script. Thanks and big credit to both of them! Here is an awesome guide by snake for the mouseless controls.

Move Memory Features
  • Totally revamped move memory system
  • You can now easily and conveniently save, rename, delete, rearrange, and activate saved move sequences.
  • Click here to see how it works
  • Dedicated onscreen buttons to load your own last opener and the opener of your most recent opponent.

Silly Features
  • Every five moves, your character emotes a random kung-fu-sounding move name, for example:
  • Drunken bandit foot
  • Turtle breath rebuke
  • Monkey turns away the sword
  • Seven scrolls style
  • Harmonious blade of the leopard
  • Pig knuckle cut
  • Magnificent mantis technique
  • Over 9,000 philosopher stance
  • You can now set the frequency of these emotes. Typing /ta set movenames N will make it happen every N moves. Setting this to zero will disable them completely.

Upcoming Features
  • At this point it does everything I've planned, and I consider it feature-complete.
  • But I'm still open to suggestions. If there's something you think would make it better, please let me know!

Known Bugs
  • SpaceGuard is not perfect. Sometimes it lets one through--I think it's because the match_begin event fires a tiny bit after you gain control of your Tori. I don't know if this is something I can fix or not, but I'm thinking about it. Still, it will catch most of them. Unfortunately, when it does let one through, your match will be desynchronized with the server. You can still play, but it will be hard to win because what you will be seeing will be different from the server's version.
  • Your name will be be printed in the chat box when you load the script. For some reason, the function that lets me find your player name also writes it to the screen, and there's nothing I can do about it.

How to Install
  • Save ta.lua to your Toribash/data/script folder.
  • In Toribash, go to Free Play and type /ls ta.lua. You should get a message like Toribash Assistant 0.x by dotproduct.
  • If this is the first time you've run it since 0.3, you will be asked to set up key bindings for mouseless control. Just follow the prompts in the chat box. You only have to do it once; after that, your settings are saved.
  • Start a new match by pressing Ctrl-N. The joint controls should appear. Have fun!

This is an alpha release--I'm sure there are bugs! I'd love to hear if you use this and especially about any bugs you might find.

View Changelog Here
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I think the new move commit system is really cool. Have you ever had a decent move set up, and you wanted to see if you could improve it, but you were afraid to start changing things around because you didn't want to run out of time with a bad move selected? Move Commit can help! Here's how it works:

When you have a good move set up, and time left on the clock, press Q. Now that move is your "committed move". Feel free to move your joints around and try for something better. If you get something worse, don't worry: when the timer runs out, your committed move is automatically restored and that's the one you will perform. But if you get something you like better, just press Q again and now that one is the committed move.

You can also manually go back to the committed move by pressing Shift-Q.
dotproduct: you are amazing, thanks for this!

I've dreamed about the move commit system for a long time now...THANKS AGAIN.

EDIT: For some reason, I can't see the joint controls at the right side?? Only the two buttons at the left load for me.
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Originally Posted by William View Post
dotproduct: you are amazing, thanks for this!

I've dreamed about the move commit system for a long time now...THANKS AGAIN.

EDIT: For some reason, I can't see the joint controls at the right side?? Only the two buttons at the left load for me.

They don't show up until a match begins that you are in. Try loading it in free play, then pressing ctrl-N for a new match. If that still doesn't work, then maybe there's an error: if you post the contents of your stderr.txt or PM it to me then I'll try to fix it.

Thanks for your interest!
absolute balls!

could you please add a way to controll joints via keyboard? will be just 10/10

the previous moder got inactive and didn't finish the thing (there is one little bug with right knee hold) mod is fine, but there is no tori/uke auto detection

the scheme

the script

hopefully these things can somehow get integrated
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tell me about aikido
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AWESOME! if this thing will take off we will get on a whole new level
tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15
Question: in that scheme PDF you linked, it looks to me like chest and lumbar should be swapped. Did you intend it to be the way it is, with lumbar above and chest below?