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Toribash 5.23 beta 1 (April 19th update) (Steam, Windows only)
Getting update:
In your Steam games library, right-click Toribash, select properties, navigate to betas tab and select "beta" branch.

Updates in new build:

  • New clan ui
  • New (temporary) TC purchase ui
  • Visual updates
  • Various bug fixes



  • Logging into a new account would leave you with old ui background until you press escape
  • Clan filters icon is messed up
  • Textures may get messed up when viewing clan ui
  • Old scripts don't work properly with new ui

Users who find and report any new bugs will be rewarded with 10k. Please make sure you describe it properly and attach a screenshot.
Suggestions and ideas are welcome!
i actually love this, i love the clan thing the most. will we be able to send clan war invites via game?
pm me your questions or applications

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Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
i actually love this, i love the clan thing the most. will we be able to send clan war invites via game?

Yes, but that's not on top priority list right now.
Found a bug, thought to report it.
Platform: Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon x64 (Ubuntu Based)
Release: Toribash 5.23 beta 2
Bug: Main Menu Doesn't Show Up
How To Recreate It: Download And Try On Linux
Note: Beta 1 worked fine, it's just this release
Steps taken to try to fix the bug:
  • Verify file integrity w/ steam
  • Completely reinstall stable and beta
  • Restart computer to check graphics issues
  • Update graphics drivers to latest

Other bugs:
Logout button does not work either
Nor does it show my belt in the menu.
Head texture does not show up in menu.
Chat only shows up when menu is open during a match.
any other gui such as mod selection or game settings doesnt show up unless menu is.
Astro announcement gui bugs main menu gui as well
pressing the down button to close menu during game hides the HUD
shiai shows as no number (dont know if this is intentional)

also yes i know this is windows only, but might as well report bugs anyways just incase they show up on the linux release.
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New beta currently only works on Windows, macOS and Linux launchers haven't been updated to support new functionality yet. What you got is that script hangs while displaying non-existent ST balance.