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[Req] Controller Support
hey there.

i'm not entirely sure if it's already been made but if it has then I've heard no mention of it.
recently I've been tinkering about with daannado's mouseless script
located here
and I want to take his script a step further. instead of simply using the keybindings on the keyboard, I want to bind all keys to a controller instead.

i'm sure it's possible, but with no coding experience i'm unable to make this idea come true.
i have a couple ideas to help structure this, but no way to understand if they're plausable.

Idea 1

idea 2

these are my ideas, i'd be interested to see if anyone can come up with this
This is actually a really good idea, too bad I have no idea how to script
Yeah i think it can add to the game, since the wii version is good to play with a controller, it can be based on it btw
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I might pick up scripting for this, hang tight, In 1-2 years your dream might become a reality,