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I found a script a little while ago called rpl2obj.lua, it would take toribash replays and put the environment, tori's and animation into blender.

Blender recently had an update which made the code stop working unless you used an older version. I couldn't find an updated version of the script so I got to work.

I went through and updated the error or two in the script so that it works with the latest version of blender.

Original thread: https://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=610219

Orignal Tutorial:
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when i run the script in blender, the only thing happening is the uke, tori and scene objects are created, but have no data. help
I am looking into it at the moment. I didn't write the script, I just updated literally one or two lines that were causing it not to work with the new version of blender. I think the error your having has always been there. I am looking into it at the moment but I didn't make the code so it will probably take a while. I have been exporting 500 frame mma_tfc2 matches just fine with it.
Found the solution. If there is no scene in the mod, i.e. xspar.tbm, make sure you have -noscene on the export command.

For example: /export supersick.rpl export_large -noscene

Hope this helps!
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Found and fixed a bug that affected scene exporting on Linux. Probably part of the issue for other operating systems too.

Usage is largely the same.

Important to note that if you are exporting a scene, the mod for the replay you're exporting needs to be in data/mods and not some sub-folder.
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