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Kris' Player Info Script | In-Game View of Anyone's Inventory/TC

Features (v1.3)
- View anybody's TC, ST, and QI from one command.
- Browse anybody's inventory from in game.

- Click on the icon of an item to be brought to the item web page.

- If the client has "# DL" in the bottom right before you run /inv, you will have to wait for those customs to finish downloading before the inventory appears.

Inventory Showcase Gif


To install, download "info.lua" from below, navigate to your Toribash install, and put it in data/script.
Then, in game, run /ls info.lua
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Version 1.1 Changelog

- Added set name to title bar when inside of set
- Scroll position is maintained in main menu when you back out of a set
- "This set is empty!" is displayed if you open an empty set


- Replaced all use cases of addCustomDisplay with addAdaptedText for performance
- Replaced legacy visual draw loops with standard solution
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Version 1.2 Changelog

- Fixed bug where if a value in /info was 0 (such as having zero TC), it would fail to print in chat.
Version 1.3 Changelog

- Added a market button on the right side that opens your browser to the market with that item searched for easy market price checking.
- Color coded the name of an item to represent if it's in their active or deactive inventory (green for active, red for deactive).

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Definitely a script I will be using daily. make kris admin, matter of fact just go ahead and give toribash to kris, he deserves it.