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challenge.lua | Randomized Launch Practice Script
Hello, this is a relatively simple script but I think has the potential to be quite helpful.

challenge.lua is a randomized launch practice script, which pushes you away from uke with a force and positional offset to simulate flying through the air away from your opponent. Your goal is to set up a proper launch position, get back to uke, and win.

The point of challenge.lua is to give a completely independent environment to practice getting into a launch position and launching from various, complicated angles without having to play against another player.



Go in game, and choose whatever mod you want. It's tailored towards aikidobigdojo.tbm, but works with boxshu, lenshu, etc. Then, type /challenge.

You can modify certain values with a command format like:
/challenge <move_m> <force_m> <flip_chance> <challenge_seed>

Then, you can also do /redo to retry your previous challenge.

Main Features
- /challenge - Randomly offsets you in the air, with a randomized force, and potentially flips you upside down.
- Forces uke to tripod and gives him 10,000 points, forcing you to launch at him to win.
- /redo - Redo the previous challenge you attempted
- Shareable challenge commands, included in the start message when you run /challenge.

Known Issues

It's sometimes impossible. Not sure of a way to fix that isn't overly complicated, just do /challenge again and get a new one. They are meant to be difficult by default though, don't assume everything is impossible. It's worth trying every one of them, for instance:


The beginning of the replays will always look glitched, just the nature of how the script works.
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Neat thing you made here. Great job!
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