Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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The boat has sunk
Well guys, I think it's over.
We will never have what we once had. A family.
There is that point in every clan's time where it is time to just..stop.
I really hate to see us broken up here with no last hope.
I will be PMing Erth and directing him here.

I know I left and that I should not be the one to do this, but we can agree that is was our last option.

R.I.P [MyLittle]
What? No, don't you fucking dare
I'd like to see someone else from our current members to agree. We're pretty dead, but who cares?
There isn't enough members to agree. Swet I don't want this clan to die any more than you do, sorry.
I don't want to argue over this, I just hate seeing this place so dead.
Fist off I want no conflicts firing here if the following conflicts with someone's opinion, I'm just honestly telling what i think.
For me it seems like our clan just got depleted: almost all of us guys from the unofficial times are gone and the rest are inactive. It's like our clan just got washed out and the only thing left is the name and Swet... I mean, seriously, he's the last one active around here.
Last time I posted on the main thread It took 3-4 days for someone to respond, and of course it was Swet, because no one else is here anymore to post when he can't.
We had lots of fun till it lasted, now the dream just got dreamed out, no matter how sorry I am to say this.
It was a good run. Swet, I'm sure you hate me, and I understand why. This most likely means nothing to you but you will always be one of my best bros, same with karolk and all of the clan's former and current members.
I would have posted here a bit more if BFG hadn't decided to delete everything I said.

wow that