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[z] zero

-Try to be active on the forums/in-game
-Respect to everyone's opinion, beliefs, and ideas.
-Avoid starting unnecessary conflicts/arguments.
-Follow Toribash rules and guidelines

-Showing extreme bigotry, vulgarity, and racism in this clan.
-Joining the clan on your altrenative account.
--Harassing your clanmates.

Life starts with no goal in mind, you're born just to die. And realistically, most of us won't be remembered years down the road, however, we will break reality and be known as those who ended all life, take us back when things were calm, demolish... and bring the population number down to... zero.

>>Cick Here to Check zero's Roster<<

Clan Allies

Solo Allies

If you want to be allied with zero, please contact Fyre on Discord.

[x]10 Members
[x]25 Members
[]30 Experienced Members

[x]Get to Level 10
[x]Get to Level 20
[x]Get to Level 30
[x]Get to Level 40
[x]Get to Level 50
[x]Get to Level 60
[x]Get to Level 70
[x]Get to Level 80
[x]Get to Level 90
[]Get to Level 100

[x]Finish 10 Wars
[x]Finish 25 Wars
[x]Finish 50 Wars
[x]Finish 100 Wars
[x]Finish 250 Wars
[x]Finish 500 Wars
[]Finish 1000 Wars

[x]10k in the Clan Bank
[x]25k in the Clan Bank
[x]50k in the Clan Bank
[x]100k in the Clan Bank
[x]250k in the Clan Bank
[x]500k in the Clan Bank
[]1 Million in the Clan Bank

[]Have Clan Video
[x]Host a Tournament
[]Host a Clan Tournament
[x]Apply for Official
[x]Become Official

[x]Be in the Top 200 Clans in the Clan List
[x]Be in the Top 100 Clans in the Clan List
[x]Be in the Top 50 Clans in the Clan List
[x]Be in the Top 10 Clans in the Clan List
[x]Be in the Top 5 Clans in the Clan List
[x]Be in the Top 2 Clans in the Clan List
[]Be the number 1 Clan on the Clan List

If you are interested in joining [z] zero, then you are welcome to make an application on our Recruitment Page. More info about the recruitment on the actual page.

Click Here!

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can we dab on em haters?
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Just joined :P
Hi, umm im awkward so ima keep it short. I just joined and im a man of memes, thanks for having me.
No cream
Chocholas would like to announce that he likes his without cream.
Chocholas thanks xAhMaDx for allowing a creamless to join (Pew).
Chocholas has no more words.
I honestly dont know if im allowed to post here so super mods plez not infract a boy. Now to the point, Pew is actually getting a decent roster and you seem to be doing a better job leading than you did last time so im impressed. The only thing i would change is making sure the clan is F O R U M active so you can be come a big boi and have your clan tag look like this ... [Pew]. Have a nice day)
Yes, ofc Stance <3 I will try my best to do much better leading Pew and keep the clan more and more active, I will also try to keep up the F O R U M activity up as well Thank you.
Chocolas and Chax... no problem <3 I hope you have a nice stay in Pew.
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