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How long did it take you to get to where you are now?
I want to know when everyone here started replaymaking. Not when you joined, (or if you did when you joined) but when you started taking replaymaking seriously. Seeing different adaptations to the skill toribash requires is interesting, and most people take around a year minimum to start rising. Also what lead you up the ladder? What was your best method of increasing your skill?

For example, me:

11 months (June 2014 - April 2015
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born 2 replay. started replays the month i joined and never stopped so june 2011 - now (45 months)

started right away cause when i joined Zalmoxis/largekilla were the hot shit and i wanted in

at the time people learned how to make dms before learning how to move (i think its the opposite now) so everyone had a collection of funny ass looking replays they made before they got good. i had more fun getting dms than moving in a pretty way so i think thats why i stuck around for so long
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oh yeah
I originally started making replays in Nov. 2011

i did nothing but booms, 0 fucks given about movement. It took like a year of replaying on/off before I started to improve and get notice. Probably cause I spent most of my time just going for pusga booms right off the bat.
Its hard to remember when exactly I started taking replaymaking seriously, but I'd say it was around March/April 2009.

My initial reasoning was that I sucked at multiplayer, so I wanted to do singleplayer until I was "ready" to play in-game. I ended up just having more fun in SP.

Pusga's right, back in the day people's early replays were fucking awful, because movement wasn't taken as seriously as it is now, so early goals (for me at least) were things like: make a madman, make a boomhit, and make a skeet shot; and not something like: look cool. It took me a very long time to become anywhere remotely decent, if you look at my early replays even in my permanent replay thread I was nowhere close to good (imo) until mid-2010 or so, which is when I ended up winning the ORMO cup over people who I still think were better than me at the time (Splinter, Pulse, Nightin, and baby Oblivion all entered it).

So it took me like a year and a half to get consistently good, so maybe my learning strategies weren't totally effective, but this is what I did:

I watched a lot of replays. I was a fiend of the replays board, and would consume pretty much all the replays posted there. If I saw one that particularly impressed me, I would run it through the enikesha replay parser and then follow the instructions to recreate them. I did this to learn what kind of movements are effective and to learn the joints, and I think it helped. If I saw a replaymaker that I really liked (War_Hero, Oracle, Mosier, Rutz, and Tamer0 were probably my favorites in 09) I would look up their old threads and watch every replay they'd posted, and enikesha the best ones.

I also made a shitload of replays. Especially in 2009, I could make a replay or even two almost every day. Shit was insane. I think I might've benefited more from actually spending time perfecting the ones I made, but my strategy at the time seemed to be to just pump them out as fast as I could. This let me cover a wide variety of replays instead of just adhering to one style (like I do now). I tried realism, madmen, splitcaps, manips, everything I could think of. I think the myriad of influences and styles I covered helped me develop my style a great deal, even though I didn't even think I had a distinct "style" until sometime around now last year.

I also took a long break from toribash for around 8 months in 2012-13, so I missed out on the era where swexx and largekilla were the big guys in town.
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I wrote this in case I get asked tis question, regarding running though:

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Hello all,

I keep getting these questions very frequently:

How long did it take you to run?

How long did it take you to make your own run?

Well, time for answers. zzzparkour01.rpl is my first ever parkour/running replay, like seriously, I've never attempted any form of running before that replay, so it's the absolute first time ever. zzzlongrun.rpl is the breakthrough where I was finally able to run without falling (usually I fell after 5-6 steps).

zzzparkour01.rpl was made on 18th january 2013
zzzlongrun.rpl was made on 9th July 2013

Learning to run took 5 months and 20ish days.

About making my own run, if you have been following this thread, you can see that I experimented on a heck lot of running styles, ultimately I settled with xlr perfecting run.rpl

zzzlongrun.rpl was made on 9th July 2013
xlr perfecting run.rpl was made on 6th May 2014

Creating my own running style took 10 months and 3 days.

So from scratch, it took 1 year, 3 months and 23 days.

Hope it answers questions. Hehe

I saw running as a very unique thing and my main goal was to learn how to do it. At first all I knew that existed was the youtube run, and I thought the person who invented the yt run was smarting person in the world.
So I went around toribash asking a hell lot of people how to run long distances, I really thought that a lot of people have mastered it, and most the replies were like, "running is easy, I can run for 2000 frames non stop", so I believed them, but when put to the test, they fell after 3 steps. This really pissed me off that people were not honest about it, so I set my own journey so that I can actually be a do-er instead of a talk-er. I wasn't doing good at all, I just couldn't get a break through, that is until I saw Swexx run in a replay called "Blackhawk", this showed me that it is possible to have a really smooth and close-to-realistic run. And the rest of the journey is mention in the quote above.

Other than parkour stuff, I wasn't really interested in madmans/manips/decap stuff, I guess as I joined I was brainwashed by realism replays and sparring. The first sparrer I've ever seen was Jisse, I was pretty suprised when I saw him doing a leap over a gap, I mean from someone who was camping in twinswords, it's like aboriginies seeing a computer. From there I journied into sparring, I was a huge fan of Jisse, Chazer, mocu, at that time I didn't know swexx or largekilla, I heard their names here and there but really I thought they were some noobs. Then I saw To Glory and my life changed.

Method of increasing skill - just practise and prastice really, I would run 15k ED everyday in SP and spar whenever in MP. Though I still have a lot of improve in sparring.
Parkour like you've never seen before:
it took me like 2 or 3 years. to get to a decent level crazy sspin wise. still improving even now.

here's the replay i consider to be my first ever cool movement spin replay. you can see how held i used to be DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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wow that
i think it took me like 3-4 months to get decent enough to get into ormo and then i think when i got pretty decent was like 9-10 months after i started and then i started making replays with less care about improving.

i think it was faster because back then i was making replays extremely often and looking at more replays then i ever will today, and when i did look at replays i liked alot, i tried to see how people got into certain positions and moved while in that position.

also im super biased with manip replays because i really like how they look. so people like larfen who made really sick manip replays gave me a lot of inspiration.
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