SP Cup 2022
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Free Roam Parkour Map

Here's a mod I threw together real quick, colors aren't perfect I know, so (i'm looking at you Jisse lol) I honestly just made it a hodge-podge of random colors. But nothing too painful to the eye. Anyway its packed with some interesting stuff to play around on, route wise there's pretty much a lot to do if you simply change direction. Enjoy!

I've put the models in various starting positions, you'll find in the zip file.

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Senshi_freeroam_pk.zip (19.3 KB, 19 views)
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What's there to say more than it looks like 4 week old spaghetti

Interesting obstacles and fun layouts though, gj
Yeah I love 4 week old spaghetti too! We should share some sometime xioi

Also yeah it seems like a fun map to just heck around on haha gj
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