Toribash Season 7
Original Post
Dark rainbow dual hand flames (Color vortex)
Hello, today we are auctioning these two flames

Here's couple ingame previews so you can see them in action

Ingame preview GIFs

You can also use commands " /dl joope1 " and " /lp 0 joope1 " to view it ingame
Flame Particles are also customizable with " 128x128 Flame Particle Texture " item, such as any other flame

Auction rules
Min bid: 1tc
Min raise: 1k
Autobuy: 100k
End time: 24h after last valid bid

Have fun bidding, may the highest bidder win!
Very nice starting bid!

on that note, that bid is just few hours from that 24h limit, so if you want a chance at getting this pair of flames for a good price now's the time you should throw a bid on it!