SP Cup 2022
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Art contest but it doesn't really make sense
I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm basically just going to type until this whole thread kind of makes sense.

I'm not so interested in TB anymore so it's more like a giveaway.

Oh yeah, it doesn't have to be pretty, you don't gotta be an art hero, just make something cool

There will be more events in the future till my deactivated is gone so stay tuned.

You have to draw my main account, Habits, getting unlocked from Toribash jail by Icky.
Or just draw a tori in Toribash jail being unlocked by Icky because I guess it would be kind of hard to draw someone that doesn't have any cosmetics.
But an arrow pointing to me with "Habits" would be a pretty cool addition as I will be using these images for a ban appeal.
Like use you imagination, a cool little comic strip of Icky finally releasing me back into the wild and then me like kissing him on the cheek would be pretty cool but keep it SFW because it wouldn't be pretty cash money for me to get banned on this account too.

We'll make it 48 hours.
Any submissions after 02/17/22 3:00 AM GMT will not be accepted.

I will be attempting to have Icky himself judge these entries. If that fails, some other staff member will judge you based on detail, etc.
Icky himself is the judge

512x512 Head Texture Item
15,000 TC

I'll toss in a free 3d item of your choice from the link below just for entering.
First come first serve but I don't foresee me running out of items from that set

And hey, with a 48hr deadline, you might be the only person who enters. So go ahead and open MS paint and get to work.

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Originally Posted by Kamy View Post
here's 15 mins of my life i will never get back

I think you did a wonderful job, I especially like the kissing scene. I think he will too.

Originally Posted by Kayakata View Post
i didn't really get what i needed to draw, but still made low quality art

I think you're on the right track. Looks great lol
Ah, an impressive 2 entries. We'll see what Icky has to say about this.
Sike, you're both winners in my eyes.
You've sent 512x512 Head Texture to Kayakata.
You've successfully sent 15000 ToriCredits to Kayakata.
You've sent 512x512 Head Texture to Kamy.
You've successfully sent 15000 ToriCredits to Kamy.
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