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Force Strength
I cool idea (i think) is so if u had a titan force.. and a chronos force... the titan will do better than the chronos because its more expensive and powerful.

Please add that in (is it in the game already or is this new?)
Something like this would ruin the game for many people. The gameplay hasn't changed for years because of is reason.
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Yes, lets make Toribash P2W. The thing every one wants. Bring back the Seishins I say!

No, not supported. For rather obvious reasons. You can get virtually any force/relax/etc at any belt, so it would most definitely be P2W
p2w / in-game items that make you stronger is what ruins some games
totally not supported
nope ruin the fairness of the game, force is only supposed to be a color shown, lets keep it that way.
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Hell no toribash will be P2W imagine if someone had expensive shit and the other guy that doesnt have anything but is better than the P2W guy but the guy that is better loses because it isnt balanced

its just like a noob sucks at the game and then he gets mad and buys tc and qi to buy expensive stuff and then he plays a match and everything he touches dms or fracs

not supported
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