Head Texture of the Month: Finish It!
Sorry, Send Me My Money Back, U Forgotten This Shop, I Was Thinking That Im A Good Client. Now Not. You Are Inactive, U Have Art Skills. And NOTHING. U Have A Shop And You Still Inactive, please. Send Me My Money Back ._.
Skymark im sorry if this is pointless posting but u put my name ben23681 lol. oh and thx for the awsome avatar its great. hmmm i didnt notice the time it took for my avatar cause i havent played in a long time... trust me im probably more inactive than Skymark. so he isnt that inactive.... is he?

I now recommend Skymark for avatars mwahahahahahahahahah......
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Skymrak: PM me if you would like this reopened.

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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