Hero Pro League
Item: {Banner, Headtexture, Sig...} Avatar
Details {Robotic, Simplistic, Realistic...} Awesome
Colors: {Green, Void, Sapphire...} Demolition and Void
Extras: {Words, 3D, Size...} Words saying LordxDeath
guys listen please,
he is working request by request,
if u can see,
there are a lot of request,
atleast just w8 when he's done with you're work.
and dont be retarded by reply'n like:
Hey d00d u forgot my work,
Please hurry up jeez im w8ng so long!
just w8 when he's finishing you'rs.

Sorry also i didnt read that,
his free shop is closed.
so no request is gonna finish,
for admins:
u can close his shop like jinxZ say'd that
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