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How much for woeb's vizman quad hands flame?

I have someone willing to pay 500,000 TC for those when they get the TC. If you could get close to that, either in TC or USD, we could probably work something out.
Woeb's Vizma Quad Hand Flames ►

^what're you looking for on these?

just seen the post above. Idk how to read sorry. throw me an offer to start the process.

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Rainbow Puff 125k
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Sold Ares's Sasuke Quad Hand Flames.

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Rainbow Puff 125k

would you do 150,000 TC?
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Woeb's Vizma Quad Hand Flames how much?

I have a 500,000 TC offer at the moment.
501,000TC for vizma hands
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pm me your questions or applications

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Added back two quad flames that I reacquired, and will be adding two more dual flames when I get home.