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Another Oldfag coming back..
Hey everyone,

Haven't played TB since like 2008, coming back cause I missed it.
Came up in a conversation with a friend who also used to play and yeah, here I am.

I was bit of an idiot back then (young) but yeah.

Achieved a lot in my first year and hope to make the same progress again.

Anyone want to fill me in on anything I missed? lol
You've become older, but the community is the same way you left it.
Welcome back

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You've become older, but the community is the same way you left it.
Welcome back

Thanks dude
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Welcome back, bud.

I'm surprised you remembered your password.

I had to reset it lol

Thanks mate
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Good to see another older player returning. Welcome.

Cheers man
I'd say the community is a bit different, the old artists are long gone and new ones seem to be fewer and farther between, but that's just my cynical impression having recently come back as well.

Apart from that... a bits changed. you've been gone since before I even joined and a few things are quite new from then as well. We have hair for tori's now, as well as 3d items, and probably quite a few new colors you might not recognize for joints etc... as well as higher resolution texture items for the body parts along with joint textures now too. there's also raytracing, real time mirror effect on toris

And that's only what's happened since I joined hehe. welcome back, there's a lot to see!