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I'm T3XT
Hey people! I'm not new to toribash, I been here for about 2 day's already. I am a good Sig/Logo maker! I'm starting on Avatar making. So soon I'll be pro at both :P. I'm T3XT because I do a lot of Texting and design text so yea..I used to make font's, but that got boring. My name is Keith, I live on the outside of L.A. and I'm almost 17, 3 more day's W00T!!!!!

OK, I'm a good attitude player, I hardly get into fight's online (Because you may be fighting a 5 year old -_-) I will have fun because I already am!

One in my Avvy

and this:

Plus TON's MORE!

Your Friend,

You have to buy tb prime for that. it costs $10 a year and gives u the possibility to add images in the size 400x100 (i think) to u sig.