i commend you for not going to wibbles
its a hell down there ._.
few survive :o

also, i really like that sig :o
hope to see seom nice textures from you as well o/
welcome, etc.
Hey man, welcome to Toribash.

Its cool you've played other rag doll games but hopefully you'll find Toribash a bit more challenging, its addictive that way.

Yeah your art is really nice, I hope to see it move towards textures. People will also pay Toricredits for avatars and signatures of that kind.
Hey thanks,
can't wait to see you all ingame
also DaJoka, i read some posts down there, sent shivers down my spine!
Also to all who have been saying that it is challenging...IT IS!!
I am working hard and got it pretty down, but I can only move like 4 joints at a time,
i spend so much time checking the timer and ghost =D
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Enjoy your stay, Make sure to get into making textures. If your good at art already, Textures should come alittle easyer :U

Anywayz, Have fun here. Hope to see you ingame.
TehCaek owns this acc! BWAHAHA!
also daggardy, make sure you learn the mapping of textures
if you dont, youre screwed so, yea...
I dude i've been studying that i met a texturist ingame who gave me the exact measurements for it and even not commonly known tips
Sup, welcome.

I'm one of the smods here, so if you ever need help with anything, pm one of us, and if you see a post you think is breaking the rules, click the report button under their avatar.

Enjoy your stay.