A good way to find clans are to look around the multiplayer thing for clan recruitment. There you follow the instructions and find a clan.
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only bad part is that 90% of the clans either only accept Brown/Black belts or higher or don't speak english.
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It all depends on what you want in a clan, I'd say that if you are good enough you could probably get a away with a lower belt.
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
can i join
I am 10 i live in england west sussex i have been playing toribash now for a few minutes i am not a pro i can barely punch but i would be grateful if you could teach me
Well, Bleu isn't open anymore. However, the ETC is a similar clan, focused on helping new players not only with in-game skills, but also forum etiquette, etc.
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Rich is open for any belt The people lower than blue We can help them i am the most active player out of the clan i will be happy to let you bet all you need to do is put a application here copy the first bit of writing from me in bold on the first page click on the link to join.
Hey guys its presunto

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I haven't have a plan to join a clan. I'm joining some organization right now. Maybe, I will get rejected because of my belt and I'm still a "Junior member".

But, you guys, have a recommendations a good official clan for me. I'll think about it and blend with their members.
lolno. I hate when people put down clans because they're unofficial. Some unofficial clans are waay better and active then the official clans.
I though if I join an official clan, I'll get much respect than I join unofficial one. Official clan have a name and famous maybe.

Also, I'm not put down unofficial clans. Official one is better.
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