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Ok everyone
I am Quiting toribash i wish all my friends good luck in this game "2handciap" "100dj" "utaniam" "b3st3v3r" "thasainz" "dopai" "xXDeeXx" "0ctavia" goodbye my friends
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Bye bye my favourite enemy...
I still have 2 replays where we were figthing... that are the best ive ever had... i won 3:2 do u remember?
I would upload them but i can't find them right now and this thread will be moved to hall of shame soon...
pm me if u want them...

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You thought you can kill me? Well I am already dead. So Fuck you and your inbred son in law.
:O ^ This guy. I member him. :/ Toribash will suffer his leave. Forever.
[10:19] <~Tim> Why the fuck not, I'm insane :D
[12:06] <~Tim> Frost-Dragon: I bet you're sexy