:O another fakie!
hi pm me for feree stuff etc,etc.
lolz jk
anyways welcome to the forum hope youll enjoy the game.
Become a phantom
Mac Muffins.
Whatever people, I really am a girl but whatever, and @agentP I want people to know I'm a girl coz when it comes to gaming people always think girls suck so I'm here to prove we can whip ur ass, now why don't u do the world a favor and die, and if you are to useless to do that then atleast leave me alone because I don't give a fuck about what you have to say
Back to TB, been busy the last while
Wishing death upon other users? Well that's somewhat unfavorable.
Hey got canned heat in my heels tonight baby
You know know know I'm gonna dance yeah
Killing this before it turns into exactly what my previous warning was supposed to prevent. Anyway, two users are now taking a short break.