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Well, hi.
Hello, So i know it's pretty late to make this thread, but i think for those who don't know me it'll be helpful.

My name is HerobrineDead, But some of my close friends call me Scrubby and it's sort of my nickname. I live in India and i'm almost 15. I've been playing toribash for about 3 years now and i am utterly mad for it. I got on the forums pretty late and was a 100% ingame person before that. I usually play aikido and other variants of it and i suck at a lot of mods.

Now, about my personality. I am 50/50. Nice, yet i can be a complete asshole at times. I don't intend to hurt people and usually make up to them if i get em upset(Sometimes not).
That's all. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: I just noticed a thread that completely wiped out any reasons for existence of this thread.
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