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Hey Everyone! (/o.o)/
Hey guys, I am not exactly new to Toribash, but I am semi new to the forums. Also, I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is WeooWeoo (or Siren) on Toribash, and my real name is Gehrig Lambert. I am from the United States, OH. I love to draw anime related things and play Xbox. I have a life, shhhhhhh......

My first clan I Joined on here was (_SOTF_) left because they were boring :3 . Then I joined (Steal) and (Horde). I didn't exactly take clans seriously at this time. I left due to inactivity with them. Then I joined (Kira) my first clan that I actually liked people from. Then it died, and came back after leaving... ehheh. Then I was inactive for months. I came back, and about a Month later, I applied to [Crooks]. Where I now dwell and love every member. They're all awesome and important to me.