Beautiful. 8/10
The opener was great and fluid.
The initial manip was fun.
The kick was nice and powerful.
Make it longer.
The best part in the replay in my opinion was how you got off the ground at 600. It was fucking awesome, I have no idea how you got that little hop to look so good. Your legs were a bit stiff once again through the whole opener.
Hip kick looked amazing.
oh yeah
Im loving the replays. Great job. You move nice and hit at the right parts and you got that flow...
But please, do more with your replays. A 300 frame decap replay is cool, but you can do much more than that.
Orko, I never knew you were this good at replay making, anyway Good Job, The Manip you should have done more damage to uke, I like the smoothness in AFK, and paint me I like that replay and liked the pose :>
i am the best in toribash
Best replay I've seen from you and the best replay I've seen for quite a while.
Great movement overall. Original. Awesome hits and skeet.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
not vry best rplay need mor booms

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<augans> youre my thiggist
<Muze> Id like to say, I don't apologize, I'm a tough guy in irl and I will be a tough guy in a video game. Ok that's it.

You have nice flow and I love to the pose in the "Paint Me" rpl.
I love you also, marry me?
"Needs Friends"