A double knee dm startup, as usual. One thing I could say about any one of your replays is that the flow and the smoothness of every single one of them is just sweeeeet. Your style has gotten a lot better and noticable.

make more make more make more make more

Also who the hell says owch when they get hurt?
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Doube knee dm swag again.
Love the flawless boom, and the transition to the second kick.
Groin was cool. You probably could've made that bigger and flawless too. I see da potential for it in there
Sexy transition to the pose.
that was really cool, like the whole thing was cool. but it woulve been better if the kick was stronger, on a split or somethin. also it was have been legendary if you hit uke with the skeet
so like

opener wasn't my fav, I'm usually fine with those ones that move the first ten frames then
just sorta fall down, but idk not sure why about this one. everything else was pretty perf
though. movement was nice, destructive, nice comboing etc. it's too bad you're in tgs 0/10
wow that