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(MM) Recruitment Centre

Check list

• You have actually read, understood, accepted and memorized our rules.
• You are applying with your current main account and you have no alts in other clans.
• You are active and skilled at some point of Toribash.
(art, fighting, replays, event organization, videos)


You must do a Free Form app, adding anything you think convenient.
You must include Birth Date, Country and GMT somewhere.
And it can be written both in Spanish or English.
We recommend taking enough time revise it.

Trial period

If you pass the application instance, you are going to become a trial member for undefined time.
This can last either an hour or weeks. And it will help us to make sure you understand what this clan is about.
If you are an MM we will know it, and you are going to become part of the team.
But if we decide you don't fit in, you don't get the real meaning of 'Strength & Loyalty', or you don't stick to the rules.
You will be kicked out of the team. And if you still want to enter you will need to reapply.

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Hey!, This Is my app to Mente Maestra.

Name: Matias Techera
Language/s: Português, Español, English,
Birth Date: 04/06/2019
Country & GMT: Brazil, idk xd
Talent/Skill: being sexy, Bboying(BreakDance), BMX, Skating, Beatbox, Dancing, Watch anime without losing brain cells, playing toribash
Discord: yes, Regert#6009

Rissei you have been Rejected No effort, no proof of talents/skills attached, not even enough interest to research for your country GMT. Feel free to apply another day and in the meantime get to know us better via Discord/in-game. Anyway, Thanks for applying to (MM).
I gave the best of me, and it wasn't enough - RIP [MM]
My app to Mente Maestra.
Hello again, I came back to make a better app, and I hope it works now!.

Name: Matias Techera.
Language/s: Português, Español, English
Birth Date: 04/06/2019
Country & GMT: Brazil, +3 GMT
Talent/Skill: Bboying(BREAKDANCE), BMX, Dancing,

The only way I can prove that It's sending u my instagram where I post related things with the things above me. @matiazishere

Discord: Yes, Regert#6009

Well, now I tried to improve my app and I hope I don't get rejected again or i'll commit rope(okno).

I also wanna to try to grown my friendship with u guys, because obv we didn't have a good past and I wanna to fix that. <3


ya feel me?

Rissei APP

Your app is being Discussed

pd: glad to see improvement and interest by re-applying (personal opinion)
I gave the best of me, and it wasn't enough - RIP [MM]